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vujo Frischling

Baby care set in suitcase Vujo Freshling

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You will find everything you need for the tender care of your baby in the vujo newborn initial equipment set. From baby oil to baby wound protection cream. Our certified natural cosmetics were developed together with dermatologists and manufactured in Germany with a lot of love and care. The vujo newborn products are fragrance-free and retain your baby's natural scent - for an intensive parent-child bond. This initial equipment set can be found in the children's suitcase with a sugar-sweet design featuring newbie Paul and his friends. It is ideal for storing small memorabilia such as the first pacifier, the first shoes and much more after the birth and of course just as well suited for playing. Contents: 1 each of vujo newborn baby shampoo & wash gel, baby oil, baby body milk, baby wound protection cream, baby bubble bath and baby face cream packed in the vujo newborn baby case

Vujo Frischling , certified natural cosmetics, naturally perfume-free from Germany.