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vujo Frischling

Baby Face Cream Vujo Freshling

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The tender care for pure closeness to your baby. Your baby's cute face needs gentle care. Since the facial skin is still thin, it needs protection from wind and weather every day. The vujo baby face cream is gentle and provides your baby's skin with valuable nutrients. It is easy to spread, absorbs quickly and does not stick. With moisturizing organic aloe vera, natural bisabolol and high-quality organic oils. Recommended by dermatologists, naturally easy to use.

Vujo Frischling , certified natural cosmetics, naturally perfume-free from Germany.

"Gently spread a small amount of the light cream on the baby's face. The vujo baby face cream, specially developed for sensitive baby skin, is skin-neutral and supports the natural development of the skin's protective barrier. Suitable for daily care for normal, sensitive skin that is prone to neurodermatitis." Dermatologist Prof. Dr. medical Rolf Markus Szeimies