Clarissa cork 

All products, such as changing mats for on the go, play mats and carpets, are handmade with love in the factory in Bregenzerwald (Austria). Sustainable & free of harmful substances – made from natural cork. 100% handmade from Austria.

The cork leather comes from Portugal and is:

- Warm: Cork absorbs the heat of the air and can store it.

- Anti-allergenic: Bacteria, mites and dust cannot nest in cork due to its surface structure.

- Easy to care for: The surface easily repels moisture and dirt. Even if something goes wrong when changing the diaper: simply wash it off with damp water or a mild detergent.

- Pollutant-free: Harmful substances trigger diseases such as cancer and allergies. Children of crawling age are particularly at risk. The cork leather used is free of PVC, PER, TPE, adhesives or other harmful chemicals.

- Vegan


Louise Boeree and Linda Ranzijn, both with years of experience in the business world, both mothers, dreamed of beautiful, innovative lifestyle products for families. In spring 2018, their dreams became a new brand that values ​​the aesthetics of a product in addition to functionality and ethics. The products grow with the needs, preferably over a lifetime. Dusq believes in reliability. That's why they use strong and honest materials and work with people they know, during and outside of working hours. Smart and solid items that you will enjoy using yourself. The approach is personal and professional: to make the best things, for now and for later.


Founded by Annette Tøth Jensen & Henrik Tøth Jensen because every child deserves the best start in life. The early years of a child's life create the foundation on which the rest of their life is based. Feeling loved and safe are essential building blocks for a child's ability to form close bonds and face the world with confidence and curiosity later in life. Family is the child's source of security and love. The products in the FB Trading range - FRIGG and MUSHIE are designed to support the child's instincts and innate needs, thereby contributing to the development of safe and happy children. At FB Trading you will only find quality products without harmful ingredients.


“For halfbird, sustainability primarily means that the products we develop not only look beautiful, but also function in the long term! And whenever we can, we try to think long-term, pay attention to the environment and choose our production partners carefully.” Mona, the creative and likeable mind behind Halfbird, a brand from Frankfurt, had bumblebees in her butt as a child many ideas. Today the bumblebees have spread out and she is productive whenever she gets the chance. Fairness, creativity and sustainability are matters close to her heart.

Konges Sløjd

is a creative universe that celebrates the wild, varied and perfectly imperfect life with children, founded by Emilie Konge, herself a mother. She and her team design clothing, toys and interiors with unique, distinctive prints, often designed with an imaginative and humorous touch. The versatile collections take into account the newborn's need for closeness, the toddler's curiosity and the older child's eternal thirst for adventure. Nothing is perfect or will ever be perfect and life with children is often chaotic, let's embrace it and enjoy it for what it is.

Kitchen kid

Küchenkind is a furniture workshop from Augsburg. Küchenkind was founded a few years ago when Christian, a master carpenter, and his partner Iris were looking for a dining table that would withstand their everyday family life and still have a timeless and beautiful design. The focus of the manufacturer is therefore on simple design that is still colorful. The furniture shapes are simple, but the possible combinations and color variations are diverse. Küchenkind furniture is not intended for just one purpose, but adapts to a flexible lifestyle. All pieces of furniture are manufactured sustainably and handcrafted in our own carpentry workshop in Augsburg; Particular emphasis is placed on processing local wood species and collaborating with regional partners.

Lille Barn

founded by Maike herself, mother of two boys Dex and Bo. Her preference for sustainable natural products, love of nature and spending time outdoors inspires her beautiful, comfortable, sustainable and fair products: delicate wool or wool/silk clothing, simple wooden toys and natural care products. Lille Barn's merino wool products have a traceable origin. The products are produced fairly and sustainably. The quality and safety of the wool are continuously checked.

Merino wool is:

- breathable

- Temperature and moisture regulating - no sweating or freezing.

- Naturally water and dirt repellent  with UV-A and UV-B protection.

- natural and renewable

- on sensitive baby skin due to allergy.

Little Indians

is a clothing brand for children between the ages of 0-8. The items are designed in the Rhoon studio and manufactured in Istanbul under fair trade conditions and using organic cotton. The Little Indians collection is sold in 25 countries in carefully selected boutiques and department stores such as Barney's in New York and Lafayette in Qatar. The finest, environmentally friendly fabrics and materials are used. The products are guaranteed to be manufactured under fair conditions.

Little Who

With her own small label “Little WHO”, the product developer Alina realized her creative dream in 2020. She designs magical children's backpacks, bum bags and accessories made of vegan leather. The cute backpacks with the little animal characters quickly become your personal favorite item for the crèche, kindergarten or family trip.


Laura and Eva, friends for over 17 years and now mothers of two kids each, are looking forward to making your life more colorful and gender-neutral with the brand new kids concept brand Lukkily, sustainably, through short distances, certified materials and super-transparent. With your mom bag made of teddy plush you hit exactly the right note: colourful, practical and beautiful. Everyone loves colors. From lemon yellow to cobalt blue and lilac to bright pink. And this is completely independent of gender. Colors are there for everyone and are primarily intended to be fun. Like me, it is important to both of them not to use gender stereotypes. Neither in colors nor in motifs or fit.


Malomi Kids

Since 2017, adorable baby items and children's clothing have been coming from Poland. Two mothers who decided to make their dream come true - to rethink their own brand for babies from scratch. MALOMI primarily stands for textiles for babies, i.e. bed linen, towels, nests, blankets, pillows, but also personalized items and toys, and they also offer nursing pillows and initial equipment. They are characterized by original designs, high-quality materials and careful workmanship.

Mama Siesta


Children want to be free, founder and owner Melanie Kern has learned from her own sensitive children and her customers what is really important to children when it comes to their clothing. In a constant process of elimination, every knick-knack that disturbs the children in their colorful, wild everyday life has simply disappeared. Parents want quality and combinability. The result is cuts that have been thought through down to the last detail, implemented with high-quality materials, durable and fairly produced. With minimalist prints and light textures, the simple pieces are always special. The muted colors can be wonderfully combined with each other. But existing items of clothing are always well complemented and enhanced with a piece from Mamellie. Mamellie combines both. Mamellie has been growing in its southern German home of Kampfelbach since July 2018.


With mamelo, Antje and Katharina have embarked on a mission - to rethink and change the system for children's clothing - from a resource-intensive, linear model to a sustainable circular model. mamelo produces 100% recyclable, timeless essentials made from natural, certified mono fibers such as GOTS certified merino wool or TENCEL Lyocell for babies and children aged 0 to 10. No mixed fibers - just natural, robust fibers that naturally have excellent properties for the needs of children. They want to slow the pace of children's clothing production and consumption and rethink the children's clothing system to make sustainable fashion more accessible and mainstream. The way clothing is consumed and used is about to change.  Stop thinking of clothes as disposable, stop recurring, excessive shopping trips and start treating clothes mindfully.

Mrs. Ertha

A brand that started with a full-time mother's desire to transform her daughters' room into a perfect place to play and dream. It started with drafting some drawings to decorate the walls… little by little it grew  the collection of timeless creations. The collection took shape and began to delight more and more families and businesses around the world. The aim is to make the effort that goes into every product visible, to use sustainable materials and to work with selected suppliers. Timeless rather than seasonal products that stay in the collection for the time they deserve, rather than what the market dictates.


is a small family-run Danish design company founded in 2015. Soft toys and décor made with passionate craftsmanship, artistic playful design built to last, and an approach to materials and manufacturing processes that leaves a small environmental footprint. The range includes baby and toddler toys, gifts, accessories and home decor for the young at heart. Rattling pretzels, milk bottles and lovingly crafted fabric foods, not just for the grocery store. All designs are hand drawn, screen printed and embroidered in the Danish studio. All toys are CE marked according to European standards, rattle insert, metal clips and wooden rings are EN71 tested. It is printed on 100% Oeko-Tex cotton canvas and organic cotton jersey with hand-mixed water-based printing inks.

Noui Noui

was founded in 2018 by Laura and Julie - two Danish expat mothers from Munich - who are taking parental leave to look after their two children  to have met. NOUI NOUI means something new. A newborn, a new beginning. I think the color palette of the two is simply wonderful, coupled with a fantastic idea, the inflatable booster seat not just for on-the-go - great! They also offer placemats, table mats and floor protection mats for a beautifully maintained home.

OyOy Living / OyOy Mini

The Danish company OYOY Living Design A/S was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. The collection is classic, functional and timeless with unique details and seductive color combinations. Inspired by traditional Danish design, the ideas for the products come from Lotte Fynboe's own childhood memories. These memories create unique products that focus on combining form and functionality. Be accessories for children, adults and their homes. A respectful and committed approach to the products manufactured, all the people involved and our nature is maintained - always with a creative and playful approach.

Rico Design / Paper Poetry

In the in-house design studio, unique collections and many ideas are developed with great attention to detail. The sub-brands Paper Poetry, YEY!, among others, delight with a unique variety of products. Creative products for children made of paper, for the next party, children's birthday, for crafts and sweet children's jewelry.


is the jewelry label of the German designer Janina Böhm. All products are carefully handcrafted by a small team in the studio in Münster. With a lot of love, unique, long-lasting jewelry is created from particularly high-quality materials, paying attention to natural raw materials such as beads made of glass, ceramic, mother of pearl and freshwater pearls, some of which are even vintage. To ensure that customers can enjoy wearing the jewelry for many years, 14-carat gold filled is used, a material that is more durable than any gold plating thanks to its strong real gold coating. This material is made from recycled gold and comes from Italy and the USA. This means that allergy sufferers can wear this jewelry for years without having to worry about unsightly discoloration and wear. The jewelry is also waterproof and does not need to be removed in the shower. In the spirit of sustainability, San San offers customers the option of repairing individual pieces of jewelry.

Studio Loco

a young Belgian brand, was founded in 2017. Her mission is to make people smile. Magic for the children's room with wallpaper, posters, canvases but also umbrellas and decorative items in an enchanting imagery.

Tagine banana

To support breastfeeding women, French entrepreneur Alison Cavaille founded Tajinebanane in 2018, a clothing brand that offers women the opportunity to breastfeed their babies in complete freedom and comfort, wherever they are. The former nursing assistant gave up everything to start her project after the birth of her third child when she realized she couldn't find modern clothing to breastfeed without having to undress. The designer now works with an environmentally conscious and family-run workshop in Portugal and only uses Oeko-Tex® certified organic cotton. From sweatshirts to sweaters, dresses, t-shirts and even swimsuits, each of Tajinebanane's garments has either a zipper or a snap button opening on the side so you can breastfeed discreetly, comfortably and in style.

The Cotton Cloud

was created in Germany in 2017 by Lara, a Spanish mother of two, with the main aim of creating modern and trendy accessories for mothers and minis. Bowls with suction cups, cups with retention function etc. made of BPA-free silicone.

The New Society 

is a children's fashion brand full of feel-good values. Made in Portugal from natural, organic and gently washed fabrics, the brand creates clothing that is unique. New Society presents a poetic, kind-hearted and conscious selection of children's clothing. The classic, wearable and high quality pieces are perfect for childhood adventures. In particular, it is remarkable how sustainably and ethically the collections of designer and mother Estefania Grandio are produced.

Wooden Story

The company has existed for three generations, is family-run and no one in this family remembers when they carefully planed the first logs. But everyone remembers the year 1969, when the first toys were created from their craftsmanship and the great material wood... Grandpa Borowa loved to create new things that brought him joy. There's one more thing that makes Wooden Story toys special - they can be passed down from generation to generation because made from wood sourced from FSC® certified suppliers, finished with beeswax and vegetable oils, sanded to a perfectly smooth feel feels soft and lasts forever. Free from harmful chemicals. Ecologically produced in the Beskydy Mountains, Poland.


is a breastfeeding and family brand that dresses mom and baby for breastfeeding and offers matching looks for mom and child. Clothing made from ORGANIC cotton, environmentally friendly or natural materials. Designed with love in Paris and manufactured with care and know-how in Italy, Portugal and France. Incredibly casual nursing sweatshirts, bodysuits for mom and rompers for infants.