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Tagine banana long sleeve “Open Bar”

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An incredibly cool maternity and nursing shirt by Tajinebanane from France. The openings for breastfeeding are hidden (vertically) on the right and left of the breasts and are backed with fabric for optimal discretion. The provocative print on the chest of the 3/4 long sleeve “Open Bar all day & all night long...” is reminiscent of nights spent partying in the club, which as a nursing mom have now been replaced by drinking breaks at night. The material is super comfortable thanks to elastane and allows the shirt to be worn during pregnancy. A favorite for (expectant) mums.

Long-sleeved T-shirt: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane including two hidden zippers.

Designed in Bordeaux

Made in Portugal.

OEKO-TEX® certification

tagine banana

Breastfeeding shouldn't mean compromising comfort and style: Tajinebanane nursing fashion is the solution. Tagine banana allows mums to combine the useful with the pleasant to breastfeed without compromise, on the go, at home or in the bar, it can be breastfed casually. Feeding your baby in public is difficult for many breastfeeding moms at first. The looks of others or uneasiness when their bodies are exposed (marked by birth) make everyday life with a child more difficult and sometimes prevent them from participating in everyday culture. High-quality, comfortable and casual nursing fashion can help to overcome "shame".
Alison Cavaille, Tajinebanane brand creator and activist, embraces breastfeeding as a necessity in both the private and public spheres and designs wonderfully casual breastfeeding and maternity pieces.