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Clarissa Kork

Floor protection mat Leo made of cork

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A splash of spaghetti sauce here and a piece of bread with jam that has fallen down - with the cork floor mat, something can go wrong while eating. The robust cork leather does not let any liquid through and even tomato sauce and juice can be easily wiped off. The absolutely odorless pad with a thickness of only 1.5 mm consists of natural latex with fine pieces of cork on the underside and is therefore an absolute flyweight. This makes it ideal for globetrotters who don't just want to use it within their own four walls. The cork mat is easy to care for, multifunctional and durable. Perfect for protecting all types of wooden floors and carpets. Also suitable for underfloor heating.
Size: 95×130cm

  • 100% handmade from Austria
  • The cork leather comes from Portugal
  • Top and bottom 100% cork
  • Durable and robust
  • Warm : Cork absorbs the heat of the air and can retain it.
  • Anti-allergenic : bacteria, mites and dust cannot settle in cork due to its surface structure.
  • Easy to care for: the surface simply repels moisture and dirt. Even if something goes wrong when changing: simply wash it off with a damp cloth or a mild cleaning agent.
  • Pollutant-free: Pollutants trigger diseases such as cancer and allergies. Children of crawling age are particularly at risk. The cork leather used is free from PVC, PER, TPE, adhesives or other harmful chemicals.
  • Vegan
  • Light fastness level 5 – 7
  • Solvent and plasticizer-free
  • Please note - cork is a natural material and colors on screen may vary

Clarissa Kork

All products are handmade with love in the manufactory in the Bregenzerwald (Austria). Sustainable & free of pollutants - made of natural cork.