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Mrs. Ertha

Beach Shoes Sand Colors “Mocs”

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These super-casual summer slippers are made of stretchy cotton fabric with a firm rubber sole, they dress children's feet as comfortably as a second sock. Ideal for the adventures of the youngest, on the beach, along the creek or on the way to the nearest ice cream shop, these mocs can be strolled with the greatest guaranteed comfort.

100% cotton, natural rubber

Mrs. Ertha

A brand that started with a full-time mom's desire to transform her daughters' room into a perfect place to play and dream.
It started with the design of some drawings to decorate the walls... little by little the collection of timeless creations grew. The collection took shape and began to delight more and more families and businesses around the world.
The aim is to make the effort that goes into the products visible, to use sustainable materials and to work with selected suppliers.
Timeless products rather than seasonal products that stay in the collection the time they deserve and not the time the market dictates.