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Tooth fairy to cuddle

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Cream colored and with the cute details, the tooth fairy has a very cute appearance that makes her both adorable to look at and nice to cuddle. It has a small embroidered pocket on the back, in which lost loose teeth can be safely handed over to the tooth fairy.

The Tooth Fairy is knitted from 100% cotton and has a soft fiberfill.

H27xL22xW6 cm

Wiping with a damp cloth is recommended for cleaning - spot cleaning only.

With its offwhite coloring and cute details, the Tooth Fairy has a very sweet appearance that makes it both adorable to look at and comfortable to cuddle.

The Tooth Fairy is made of 100% cotton, knit, and has a soft fiber filling.

H27xL22xW6 cm

For cleaning it is recommended to wipe with a wet cloth - spot clean only.