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STAR drinking bottle made of stainless steel 350 ml

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STAR drinking bottle made of pure, high-quality and food-safe stainless steel, plastic and BPA-free with a polished surface. The snack bottle made of stainless steel is available in 2 sizes. Capacity: 500ml or 350ml. The bottle is made of 100% stainless steel (including the lid). The surface is matt brushed. No pollutants - no plastic. It is completely BPA free. With the snack bottles you save money and reduce packaging waste. The pure stainless steel allows for easy, practical cleaning in the dishwasher. Great quality and unique design are combined with freedom from harmful substances and sustainability.
Dimensions (with lid): 500ml. Height 19cm. Diameter 7cm, 350ml. Height 15cm. Diameter 7cm

Snack (Austria)

Lunch boxes and drinking bottles are made of stainless steel: Sustainable, non-toxic and durable. The products do not contain controversial substances such as phthalates, lead, BPA, melamine or aluminum. They are carefully selected and are intended to form a counterpoint to the throwaway society, the overexploitation of people and the environment. We want to offer better products for better people. Our footprint on the world should be as small as possible. We want to make a contribution with our products to reduce the burden on our world. We want to promote sustainable and conscious consumption. Each product contributes to our goals in its own way.