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Fruit and Vegetable Pacifier Fresh Food Feeder Set of 2 - Soft Lilac

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Mushie's Fresh Food Feeder is perfect for little ones who are ready to explore solid food. Babies safely learn new flavors and textures while learning to eat independently. The two-piece set of suction pacifiers for fresh food is easy to clean and made for little hands. The small holes release the right amount of fresh, soft or pre-cooked treats from the suction part. The Fresh Food Feeder is ideal for snacking on the go or just learning new textures and flavors at home without making a mess.

Mushie Fresh Food Feeder Details:

- Recommended age: 6 months+

- Material: Suction pacifier: food-safe silicone / cap: plastic

- Quantity included: 2

- Care instructions for Mushie Fresh Food Feeder: Dishwasher safe

Version: SFGF-1003, Model: Fresh Food Feeders, Color: Soft Lilac (pastel purple)