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Simone Zink

Children's book Beaver Ludwig with the lucky ear Simone Zink

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Ludwig is a little beaver with a special ear. Conceived and told in 12 wonderful seasonal stories by Simone Zink from Augsburg and self-published. Accompany the courageous Ludwig on his exciting adventures throughout the year and get to know the magic of his lucky ear. The little beaver Ludwig should be a companion, make children laugh, give them comfort and simply invite them to dream.

With watercolor drawings by illustrator Lea Theimer and a layout by Daniel Zink

Made in Augsburg . We attach great importance to producing the book and all products, such as the cuddly beavers, as regionally and socially courageously as possible.

Simone Zink
Born in 1988, lives with her husband, daughter and son in Augsburg. Her first children's book , Ludwig the Beaver with the Lucky Ear, is published. The idea came about with the birth of her godchild. It was published due to the many positive feedback.