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Muslin skirt natural/black

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Midi skirt made from 100% organic cotton muslin with a pleated elastic waistband, a side slit pocket for found treasures and secrets and a decorative patch pocket for sunglasses, wallet etc. all ethically made in Portugal from the softest organic cotton muslin. A wonderfully flowing skirt that invites you to romp and twirl, the color base is ecrú with a screen print of dancing dots/moons and hidden crabs and koi.


Louise Boeree and Linda Ranzijn, both with years of experience in the business world, both mothers, dreamed of beautiful, innovative lifestyle products for families. In the spring of 2018, her dreams became a new brand that values ​​the aesthetics of a product in addition to functionality and ethics. The products grow with the needs, preferably for a lifetime. Dusq believes in reliability. That's why they use strong and honest materials and work with people they know, on and off the job. Smart and solid items that they enjoy using themselves. The approach is personal and professional: to do the best things, for now and for later.