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OyOy Mini

Pear Cup 🍐 Pale Blue

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The Pear Cup combines practicality with a cute design. This drinking bottle comes in the softest, softest pear shape and includes a removable silicone drinking straw, perfect for little clumsy hands, as the shape invites you to grab it and hold on to it. The bottle is made of 100% and is available in three pastel colors.

The entire bottle with lid is made of silicone (of course BPS-free) and is therefore completely leak-proof.

Hand wash only (not dishwasher safe). Before using for the first time, disassemble into individual parts and place in hot water for at least five minutes.

Model: Pear pear cup in light yellow from OyOy Mini Color 805 vanilla

Ø8.5 x H13.5 cm


For the safety and health of your child: ATTENTION!

- Continuous and prolonged sucking of liquids causes tooth decay - Always check the temperature of the food before feeding - Throw away the product immediately at the first sign of damage or defects. - All unused items must be kept out of the reach of children. - Never attach cords, ribbons, shoelaces or parts of clothing to the product. Danger of strangulation!

The Danish company OYOY Living Design A/S was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. The collection is classic, functional and timeless with unique details and seductive color combinations. Inspired by traditional Danish design, the ideas for the products come from Lotte Fynboe's own childhood memories. These memories create unique products that focus on combining form and functionality.

THE NAME OYOY // The name OYOY Living Design is inspired by the letters OY, which have been found on all Danish aircraft since 1929. No matter where in the world the planes are, the feeling of belonging to Denmark is crucial. At OYOY Living Design we are also proud of our roots, and the letters OY represent our Danish heritage.