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Wooden Story

Wooden blocks in backpack 100 pieces

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Wooden Story Montessori wooden building blocks appeal to the senses of all children. They feel velvety, shine in natural colors and smell of wood. The greatest buildings can be conjured up with these wooden blocks. Free play stimulates inventiveness and awakens the imagination. 100 pieces of rainbow stones perfectly stowed in a beautiful strong, woven cotton backpack . Made from wood from FSC® certified suppliers. Dyed with natural, eco-certified dyes. Refined with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth, they feel soft and warm. Packed in a cotton backpack, which is also ideal as a transport bag for on the go.

Free from harmful chemicals.
Manufactured in Beskydy, Poland.

Wooden Story

“Our grandfather, grandfather Borowy, already knew that the forest brings joy. Our company has existed for three generations and nobody really remembers when we carefully planed the first logs. Everyone remembers 1969, when the first wooden toys were released from our hands... Grandpa Borova loved to create new things that brought him joy. Wood has always been with us. We created Wooden Story - the land of toys. We say that the toys came to us from the forest, that they still smell like trees and that we can hear the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves or needles. Grandpa Borowy told the truth: "Creating for children is also fun for adults". We know from experience. We created Wooden Story out of love for nature and for the joy of children.