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BOULE Ring Summer Edition Night Blue, Pink, Turquoise & Orange

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More color for everyone! The BOULE rings create a colorful eye-catcher on your finger with their different glass beads and are also super comfortable to wear. Because we complement each ring with high-quality Gold Filled pearls, it will give you years of pleasure without fading or discolouring your skin. The ring is stretchable.

color variant:
The ring is available in three color variants and two sizes each:

Size 1 (can be worn from ring size 49 to a maximum of 54)

Size 2 (can be worn from ring size 53 to a maximum of 59)

Material: glass, 14 carat gold filled (made from recycled gold) The ring is waterproof and can also be worn in the shower or while swimming. However, in order to enjoy the piece of jewelry for several years, you should not bring it into contact with water every day. Direct contact with creams, lotions, perfumes or hairspray can also affect the color and luster of the pearls. The ring will be delivered to you in a small jewelry box.


SAN SAN is the jewelry label of the German designer Janina Böhm. All products are carefully handcrafted by a small team in the studio in Münster. With a lot of love, unique, long-lasting jewelery is created from particularly high-quality materials, paying attention to natural raw materials such as glass, ceramic, mother-of-pearl and freshwater pearls, some of which are even vintage. 14-carat gold-filled is used so that customers can enjoy wearing the jewelery for many years, a material that is more durable than any gold plating due to its strong real gold coating. This material is made from recycled gold and comes from Italy and the USA. This means that allergy sufferers can wear this jewelery for years without having to fear unsightly discolouration and wear and tear. The jewelery is also waterproof and does not have to be removed in the shower. In terms of sustainability, San San offers customers the option of repairing individual pieces of jewelry.