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Konges Slojd

Panda and rabbit bath toys with swimming rings Blush Mix

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These friendly and cute bathing friends with swimming rings from Konges Slojd are made from 100% silicone and not only bring great joy when bathing but also as easy-care playmates on the go that stimulate motor skills. The swimming rings are not connected to the animals and thus enable play with many elements. The individual components are also tightly closed, no water or moisture meters can penetrate and the animals remain hygienically clean for a long time.

Version: KS6308 Pack Silicone Bath Toys Swim Ring from Konges Slojd, Color: Blush Mix


Bath toy made from 100% silicone

Rabbit: D: 5.4 cm x H: 8 cm

Panda: D: 5cm x H: 6.5cm

Swimming rings each: D: 8.4 cm x H: 2 cm